Our Quality Policy


Beyond the stars

Cultural Values:
Historic tradition is prevalent in our product and good taste and elegance in our service. The professionalism of our human team shines through to meet and exceed client expectations. Kindness, friendliness and good management in customer-facing roles are the keys to our service. Team work and collaboration help us to continue improving. Respect for and conservation of the environment is important to us.

It is our mission to offer a hospitality service and our facilities along with the highest level of professionalism in order to meet the needs of our clients. By doing this, we aim to be recognized as leaders in our sector, offering a totally unique product, with technological developments, respect for the environment and the satisfaction of our human team. As a result of our combined resources, we aspire to achieve an economic performance that enables us to improve, innovate and increase our services every day, as well as carry out new projects.



The integration of Total Quality Culture in the management of Hotel Monasterio de San Francisco is in effect daily through the active commitment of the company's Senior Management and all its staff. This commitment has resulted in us undertaking an irreversible, continuous improvement and contamination prevention process in all the activities and services we provide. In the face of this challenge, the Owners and Senior Management of Hotel Monasterio de San Francisco publicly declare the following Quality and Environmental Policy which will be expressed continually and be known to all our staff, clients, providers and collaborators. We will offer our clients the highest possible level of service and products, while respecting and preserving the environment as much as possible. We will ensure our clients enjoy our facilities, therefore we are committed to reviewing, renovating and maintaining these in accordance with the conditions of tradition and good taste. We will combine accommodation and refurbishment, we will innovate and increase our services available to clients in order to achieve increased satisfaction, offering improved spaces for the enjoyment of clients. We will also be innovative regarding our methods in the commercialization and presentation of our image in the market, and to do so we will consider new technology and energy saving systems in addition to the recycling of raw materials. We will have a team of professionals who have the necessary competencies to achieve our Mission and Vision. The Cultural Values of our organization are instilled in our staff and providers and they are demonstrated to clients through our service. We will involve our providers in the project for continuous improvement and respect for the environment that the hotel is developing, by requesting their involvement through their high-quality products and services. The Senior Management team at Hotel Monasterio de San Francisco are committed to fulfilling the applicable legal and other requirements that are related to the environmental aspects to which the organization subscribes.